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Concrete Tile Manufacturers Association (CTMA)

In 1998 several specialty concrete product manufacturers founded the CTMA to increase awareness of this fast growing niche market we all serve. Cal-Ga-Crete Industries Inc is a founding member of the CTMA.

From the beginning, several important industry members joined the CTMA as allied members. Among them are significant cement, color pigment, setting mortar, grout and sealer manufacturers and suppliers. Other members include respected concrete experts.

The CTMA publishes a newsletter named "Concrete Tile Tales" mailed to the trade. The newsletter chronicles the evolution of the CTMA along with some interesting articles contributed by the membership. If you are in the building trade and you would like to receive back issues or wish to be placed on the mailing list, please contact Cal-Ga-Crete at 310-639-8960.

After years of testing the “CTMA Handbook” was published. The CTMA Handbook was developed with significant contributions by virtually the entire CTMA membership. The result is a comprehensive guide for understanding concrete tile products, raw materials used, installation procedures and maintenance guidelines.