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Features and Benefits

Concrete, a Versatile Decorative Material:

Frank Lloyd Wright designed decorative pre-cast concrete units for his signature projects.
Today, various types of cast concrete are elementary for contemporary design.
Cast concrete offers designers infinite creative possibilities.
Design of surface styles and dimensional shapes are only limited by imagination.
Color pallet can be customized for any design theme.

Why Cal-Ga-Crete?

Cal-Ga-Crete has an unmatched performance record for over 45 years.
Cal-Ga-Crete uses a unique wet casting system, resulting in surprising durability.
Cal-Ga-Crete offers tiles in hundreds of surface and dimensional variations.
Cal-Ga-Crete is a one-stop shop for paver tiles, paver slabs, wall caps, pool and stair coping.
Cal-Ga-Crete is committed to its traditional hand-made quality.
Cal-Ca-Crete is 100% American made quality.

What’s New at Cal-Ga-Crete?

Cal-Ga-Crete expanded by acquiring the StoneKrete Tile Products factory.
Cal-Ga-Crete added capability for sandblasted and polished surfaces.
Cal-Ga-Crete has expanded its color pallet to over 80 colors.
Cal-Ga-Crete has again improved the durability of its products.