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Surfaces and Colors

Cal-Ga-Crete offers a deep variety of surfaces and colors. Product surfaces are categorized into various styles, such as Terracotta Paver, Stone Paver, Cobblestone, etc. These styles are based on traditional surfaces our industry is accustomed to. Several items feature unique surfaces. These are categorized under our own Designer Series.

Complementing paver tiles, Cal-Ga-Crete manufactures a wide variety of trim and accessory items, such as stair coping, riser, surface bull nose, pool coping, wall cap, pilaster cap, liner and more.

In recent years Cal-Ga-Crete has developed a considerable number of paver slabs for sand set use. Some of these are existing paver tiles with added thickness. Others have been developed from scratch. Some paver slabs are suitable for drivable surfaces. All paver slabs can be used as plaza pavers installed over a pedestal system.

Cal-Ga-Crete offer surfaces that are naturally smooth or optionally altered. Choices include various degrees of sand blasting or polishing. These processes expose aggregates we use in our mix. Suitable concrete aggregates can be customized by color and dimension resulting in unique appearances similar to terrazzo or limestone.

Cal-Ga-Crete’s color pallet includes saturated rich colors that pay homage to Spanish, Mexican, Italian or French traditional styles, others create old town European charm or draw on traditional Asian motives. Some colors are designed to provide a contemporary or modern ambience. By using our sand blasting capability, a commercial or even industrial appearance can be achieved. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Consequently, clients are free to customize by selecting any combination of our products, colors and finishes. Cal-Ga-Crete has policies governing minimum quantities and other important details. Please consult with your designer, dealer or the factory for more information.