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Questions and Answers

What does Cal-Ga-Crete manufacture?
Cal-Ga-Crete pre-casts tile-shaped pavers, wall caps, stair and pool coping. Some Cal-Ga-Crete products have the appearance of popular ceramic and stone products.

How are Cal-Ga-Crete products manufactured?
Manufacturing process includes wet casting concrete into various mold system. Hundreds of different molds are required to produce the variety of available products resulting in a mold inventory in the 10s of thousands. After a short curing room drying cycle the products are de-molded and packaged, or set aside for further processing when required.

How are Cal-Ga-Crete products colored?
Color pigments are an integral part of the concrete mix. All products are colored through. Cal-Ga-Crete uses no surface applied stains. To achieve multi-colored surfaces individual concrete slurry mixes are added as needed resulting in a durable color surface.

Where can Cal-Ga-Crete products be applied?
Anywhere local building and health codes permit the use of concrete surfaces including most interior and exterior areas in commercial and residential settings.

Do Cal-Ga-Crete products withstand freeze-thaw?
Special additives, manufacturing processes, expert jobsite installation and careful maintenance are required. Although concrete does generally well in freezing weather climates, the wear of horizontally applied manufactured concrete surfaces appears significantly accelerated compared to installations in warmer climates.

Do Cal-Ga-Crete products have to be maintained?
Yes. However, maintenance requirements are relatively minimal. The requirements somewhat vary depending on exposure to traffic, weather and other wear factors.

How long do Cal-Ga-Crete products last?
That depends on type of use, level of traffic, installation quality and maintenance. Cal-Ga-Crete’s factory has been operational since 1963 and many of the oldest high traffic commercial and residential installations in use today are well over 30 years old.

What are the differences of Cal-Ga-Crete products vs. ceramic or stone tiles?
Product characteristics, durability, weathering, installation methods and maintenance are all somewhat different. Some of the differences can be realized by reading through Cal-Ga-Crete’s technical literature and DOCUMENTATION.

How does Cal-Ga-Crete compare cost wise?
The installed cost of Cal-Ga-Crete products is comparable to quality ceramic and stone products. As with any comparable product, a significant factor is the installation cost. Generally, it is not always wise to choose the lowest bidder when shopping for a contractor. A quality installer may result in savings over too-good-to-be-true low bidders who often cut corners or find ways to add charges while the job is in progress.

Who qualifies to install Cal-Ga-Crete products?
Specialty masonry contractors with tile installation experience or ceramic tile contractors with ungauged stone installation experience. With exterior installations it is important to use a contractor with exterior installation experience.

How can I find a qualified contractor?
By contacting a Cal-Ga-Crete dealer, masonry or tile contractor association, or the factory for more information.