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Cal-Ga-Crete Industries Inc reserves the right to change information or products presented here at its discretion without prior notice. This site is intended to serve Cal-Ga-Crete’s current and future clients allowing access to existing digital information and images regarding the company and its products. Currently, the information presented here does not cover all available products the company can offer. A continuous effort to expand, update or change this site is currently underway for the foreseeable future.

Due to the low resolution environment of the World Wide Web, significant variations of display monitor types, qualities and adjustments, product colors shown here may not accurately represent the physical colored concrete Cal-Ga-Crete manufactures. It is highly recommended viewing a full size sample in the desired color of the chosen product under consideration prior to any purchase. Cal-Ga-Crete's color sample kits are intended for preliminary selection only. Colors can vary significantly due to texture details, surface characteristics, age, wear, weathering, sealers, surface contaminants, mold type and changes in raw materials imposed by suppliers. Therefore, only rely on currently submitted samples originating directly from the factory.

Due to the vast variety of colors and surfaces offered by Cal-Ga-Crete, all orders are considered as custom and therefore cannot be exchanged or returned. Cal-Ga-Crete does not accept liability for materials handled, installed or maintained in violation of our contemporary "Installation Recommendations" and "Notice to the Installer" posted in the Information section of this site. Although these documents include significant guidance addressing most basic installation situations, it is up to trade professional and manufacturers of third-party materials to determine the best solution for specific jobsite challenges.